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The flow meter is a tool used to determine a matrial flow (liquid, gas, powder) in a flow path. 

Many industrial companies use flow meters to calculate the amount of mass passing in a field / area in units of time. There are several ways that can be determined to obtain the flow meter type and model that we need. 

- Types of fluids that will be used in flow meters: gas, water, chemical, oil, liquid gas, sludge, etc.
- Flow meter measurements are only in flow or total fluid flowing or both
- Viscosity of fluid, cleanliness / dirtiness of fluid (mud, lots of dirt or clean) flowing to flow meter Purpose of Flow meter: as a measure of flow, total volume, control, switch, sending electric signals that function as controls or data to a computer or hand phone via sms.
- Whether or not the display needs to be in the flow meter or electronic signal out put or electrical output. Magnitude (max and min) of the flow rate, working pressure, temperature of the fluid to be measured flow meter Require whether or not a waterproof system at the water proof which is flammable or explosive or standard
- Use for chemicals and food such as acidity of fluid or need food grade for matrial flow meters which are often used in drug or food and beverage industries. Size of pipe where the flow meter is installed including using a flange or threaded connection system or fitting Flow meter system meters: Vertical or horizontal
- Other information needed in choosing the type of flow meter because basically the flow meter can be made / ordered according to the customer's wishes (custom)

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